Meet The Team

Rachel Palmer

Project Manager 

I joined Family Link in 2017, it is the most rewarding job I have ever done.  Supporting young people and their families/carers, watching young people grow in confidence and becoming resilient, being part of a community and seeing those happy smiley faces is the focus of what we do.  Family Link is a huge part of my life and it is where my heart is.

Louisa Bleasdale 

Play Leader 

I’ve been working with Family Link since 2019 and became a Play Leader in 2021, which involves planning and running the sessions, overseeing all our staff and young people.  It has meant a lot to me to see our young people grow and develop over the years with the support of our dedicated, close-knit team.

Jane Winter

Play Leader/Safeguarding Lead

I love working with the young people at Family Link because they as so deserving. I love seeing their happy faces and they are a pleasure to be around.


Rebecca Owlett


Hi my name is Rebecca and I joined Family Link in December 2022, and I have found it so rewarding.  I love organising Family Links Fundraising Days and seeing the Children and Young People have fun.  I am a highly experienced Personal Assistant and Administrator.  My administration role allows me to provide a huge amount of support to all the staff. 

Kenzie Castleton

Play Leader

My names Kenzie, I am the Play Leader at Family Link. I have been working at Family Link for a couple of years now and I have loved getting to know all of the staff and young people. Family Link has been such a lovely place to work, seeing the young people engage in fun activities. Working with the young people has inspired me to start working at Riverside school in September. I cannot wait to continue to see the young people grow in years to come, through my journey at Family Link.

Renée                   Bel-Momodu

Deputy Play Leader

Hi my name is Renée and I’m a Deputy Play Leader at Family Link. I’m currently taking a BA in Curating and History of Art at the University at York. I’ve worked at Family Link since 2021 and my younger brother has attended the club for over a decade. I absolutely love working in such a loving environment with so many wonderful people, helping young people with complex needs learn, play and grow.

Meghan Kelleher

Senior Playworker

My name is Megan kelleher, I have worked for Family Link since 2021. Alongside Family Link I work in early years supporting young children where I have the pleasure in being a key worker to children with different abilities which includes children with SEN .  I heard about Family Link and my background inspired me to support the young people that attend the sessions.  I have found the young people at Family Link inspirational and I admire how they overcome their individual challenges.  Working at Family Link has encouraged me to volunteer at Riverside school where I have the pleasure to continue supporting young people.  I am looking forward to spending more time at Family Link with the young people and staff.

Jamie Gower


I enjoyed attending Family Link as a child because I like making people laugh.  I also liked being with the other young people and adults that attended.

When I reached the age of 25 and was too old to attend, I decided to join Family Link as a working member of staff. I still enjoy bonding with the staff and young people as well as supporting the young people doing activities at the club and supporting them on off-site trips.


Lucy Tomlinson


I have a NVQ2 in Early Years Care and Education, and I am an apprentice working towards my NVQ3 in Early Years.  I enjoy working at Family Link because I get to interact with young people and support them with various fun activities throughout the day in a safe and friendly environment.


Rebecca Williams


Staying active is important to me, and I love that my job at Family Link allows me to be active while working with the kids. I admire the safe and free space Family Link provides for the young children.

Daisy Bell


My name is Daisy and I am a Playworker at Family Link. I am currently studying Special Education at the University of East London alongside my role at Family Link, and I look forward to each weekend working with the children and young people here. 



Hi I’m Francesca I’m 18 and currently studying for my A Levels at sixth form.  I love helping out at Family Link as a carer looking after everyone, creating special memories and having lots of fun! 

Lucas Crickett


“I'm currently studying Theatre at The Brit school and enjoy all aspects of performance , especially comedy acting.  I’m hoping to go on to University to study performing arts but stay in London so I can continue working at Family Link . I like to bring my acting skills to my work and enjoy making the children laugh and generally having fun together  . Family Link is a great place to work as we work well as a team and really enjoy what we do . This is a great first job ! “

Niamh Begley


Hi my name is Niamh and I’m a Playworker here at Family Link! I’m currently a third year student at the University of York, so I work at Family Link during the school holidays. My younger sister attends the club and loves taking part in activities. I very much enjoy coming to work, in particular I favour the relationships I have formed with the young people and my colleagues. It is so rewarding being a part of a team that is as warm and welcoming as this, working together to provide fun and fulfilling days for our young people. 

Alicia Su


Hi, My name is Alicia and I am a Playworker here at Family Link.  I have recently finished A Levels after studying Economics, Media and Drama and I am hoping to study Theatre and Performance studies at University.  After finding my passion working with young children through tutoring Maths and English, I really enjoy putting a smile on children's faces and most importantly having fun with them!  I love being part of the Family Link team as we work really well together and it is so rewarding to be part of it.

Kyle Sewell


"I'm Kyle, and I'm currently studying to be a Primary School Teacher at Greenwich Uni. I love working at Family Link because I love the fact that no day is the same. I'm always excited to see who I'm with for the day, and the kids clearly enjoy the activities at the club."

Noa Coussy


My names Noa, I work as a Playworker here at family link. I am going to study English Literature at Cardiff university. I really enjoy working at family link as it’s such a rewarding job as you are able to make some difference in a child’s life. 

Vieran Vgdwa 


Ryan Su


Hi, I'm Ryan a Playworker here at Family Link. I am a final year student studying Management at the University of Warwick. Family Link provides an incredibly warm and supportive community for our young people and I am extremely privileged to be working alongside such an amazing team to make a positive impact towards such a tight-knit community. Seeing our young people light up with smiles when immersed in the countless activities reminds me why I love doing this work. 

Family Link Trustees 

Brian James 


Julie James 

Trustee/Safeguarding Lead

Rachel Cross


Hi I'm Rachel, I've been working with Family Link since 2012 and have been a Playworker and Trustee. I loved spending my Saturdays with the young people, supporting them in activities and having a lot of fun together! I enjoy my role now as a Trustee, working with our fantastic staff, parents, careers and young people.

Laura Mawbey


Caroline Kelleher